We for you: Working together, we don't just generate intersections; we create partnership squared.

Welcome to your partner squared

We will support you in all questions related to tax consulting, legal consulting, auditing, and bookkeeping. As your consultants and partners, we want to help you realise your potential – and increase it exponentially through joint partnership.

Partnership squared
The square is more than just a geometric shape. It symbolises the unique kind of partnership we have with our clients: personal, competent, interdisciplinary, and marked by process-oriented thinking. We don’t just understand our clients’ concerns; we make them our own. This is also true of our over 70 employees, roughly half of whom are professionals.

Only the finest: Comprehensive consulting, pro-active thinking, and process-oriented collaboration.

Added value

We understand people with an entrepreneurial state of mind, since we are entrepreneurs ourselves and focused on proactive collaboration. This is the only way we can work with you on equal footing. We know what moves you, and have a profound understanding of your mentality. We believe responsible, conscientious action and long-term collaboration always provide the best results.

Hand in hand, door to door
Shortened lines of communication are key for smooth processes – both internally and externally. That’s why we pursue an interdisciplinary approach with process-oriented procedures and modern infrastructure. This helps us reach our goal even more quickly. For optimal results. For you.

True partners bring everything to the table – and get right to the point.

Consulting squared

Our aspiration is an ambitious one: provide consulting services to our customers on equal footing. To do so, we make your goals our own, thinking alongside you and thinking ahead – in the interest of both your  personal and professional goals.

We also lighten your workload so you can concentrate fully on your core areas of expertise. That means we support you with up-to-date knowledge and long-term experience in our speciality areas, offering you a point of orientation.

Reaching your goals together
Besides the skill and courage needed to provide clear guidance, good motivation and efficient working methods are a must. That's the kind of commitment that comes naturally to us. It's all part of our motto: “Here for you ... and working together for your goals.”


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