Legal consulting

Creative design, efficient implementation – we develop custom-tailored solutions for you with a high level of legal competence.

Conceptual questions

  • Corporate succession and private asset succession
  • Restructuring and changes of legal form
  • M&A, including due diligence
  • Employee profit-sharing concepts

 Ongoing consulting

  • Corporate law from foundation to liquidation of companies with any legal form
  • Establishing and advising foundations
  • Inheritance law (wills/inheritance contracts, waivers of statutory inheritance, enforcement) and marriage and donation contracts
  • General contractual design (GTC, loan agreements, cooperation agreements, purchase agreements, etc.)
  • Franchise, distribution, and service agreements, as well as agency agreements
  • Licensing agreements, in particular in the trademark, copyright, and patent law areas
  • Labour law (consulting, contractual design, and legal enforcement of corporate interests)
  • Managing Director liability
  • Commercial tenancy law, property law